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Meet Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Millionaires

Digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin was completely underground when it was launched in 2008. The notion of a strictly digital currency not centered on fiat was considered before, but Bitcoin was the first mainstream execution of the concept. Bitcoin became a worldwide sensation when its value hit $1000 in 2013. Early adopters and investors in the currency became Bitcoin millionaires as a result.

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10. Gavin Andersen – $2 Million (634Million)

Although Satoshi Nakamoto is frequently credited as the key developer of Bitcoin, Gavin Andersen made it to be what it's today. Andersen has been rumored to be Satoshi himself, a rumour which he denies. Instead, he reveals he was closely corresponded with the developer for some years. He was chosen as Nakamoto's “successor” of sorts in 2010 and maintains the origin code of Bitcoin till date.

After a while, Gavin Andersen speculates that Bitcoin will need less maintenance. While Andersen needs to work less, Bitcoin's value will continually rise. The developer has recently cashed out multiple times – he was once paid over 200,000 by the Bitcoin Foundation for his contributions. Needless to say, he accepted that payment in bitcoin.

9. Yifu Guo – $5 million (1,5Billion)

To ensure that Bitcoin transactions to be processed and put into the transaction record (known as the blockchain), they need to be solved with computing power. Since Bitcoin is peer-to-peer, users are accountable for mining. They're rewarded with Bitcoins for mining. Users previously used their GPU's computing power to increase the blockchain, until NYU student Yifu Guo engineered the first ever purpose built Bitcoin miner.

Yifu Guo founded Avalon in 2012. Their miners became so popular that they were out of stock when they were produced. Miners retailing for a number of hundred dollars were selling for often times more. Guo left the Avalon project following a year. Several others began selling bitcoin miners after Avalon, but Guo was the first ever to turn into a Bitcoin millionaire selling such miners.

8. Winklevoss Twins – $11 Million (3Billion)

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss rose to prominence after their legal struggle with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The pair have launched a lot of successful business ventures, and their investments in Bitcoin alone have earned them 11 million. The twin's combined net worth is 400 million.

The Winklevoss twins have funded several Bitcoin related ventures. They invested 1.5 million in fellow Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem's company BitInstant in the year 2013. In 2014, they created the Winkdex, an economic index that tracks the typical price of Bitcoin. The Winklevoss twins even created their own Bitcoin exchange, Gemini in 2015. The Winklevoss twins own about 120,000 bitcoins. In the past it was 1% of the sum total bitcoin in existence. That is clearly a total of of $180 million back then.

7. Tony Gallippi – $20 Million Entrepreneur  (6Billion)

Tony Gallippi was one of the first people to found a Bitcoin payment processor. The business, Bitpay, is certainly one of typically the most popular of its kind. It processes of 1 million dollars worth of payments every day.

 It was also one of first companies to sign agreements with major retailers. In 2014, Bitpay employed over 80 people. Gallippi stated he aimed to own over one million merchants enrolled by 2016. Prolific investors and business tycoons such as for example Richard Branson,Jerry Yang, and Li Ka-Shing have started investing in Bitcoin.

6. Jered Kenna – $30 Million (9Billion)

Ex-United States Marine Jered Kenna got his start when Bitcoins were only 20 cents per coin. Intrigued, he invested a wide range of profit in the currency, which paid after several years. His first Investment venture provided him with enough funds to launch several business ventures. His first company was Tradehill, a Bitcoin dark (anonymous) mining pool – Kenna was the first ever to pioneer dark mining pools.

Kenna now runs a craft brewery in Colombia (the brewery accepts Bitcoins of course). He has additionally opened 20mission in San Francisco, a collaborative workspace for startups and entrepreneurs.

5. Dave Carlson – $35 Million (11Billon)

 With more than enough hardware, Bitcoin mining is an extremely profitable venture. Dave Carlson is probable the first Bitcoin millionaire to have mined their method to riches. After founding company MegaBigPower from his basement, he started to mine on a commercial scale. Carlson reported he made over 8 million monthly in 2016 from his 2,000 square foot warehouse.

4. Charlie Shrem – $45 Million (14 Billion)

 Charlie Shrem is probably the most influential Bitcoin millionaire. Charlie Shrem bought a sizable volume of Bitcoin when it had been trading cheaply. At the age 22, he founded BitInstant with a number of the funds. The business was extremely successful at first. In December 2014, Shrem was accused and found guilty of laundering money to infamous deep web black market The Silk Road. Shrem states he didn't knowingly handle anything for illicit purposes.

After his release from prison in 2016, Shrem got right back again to business and launched Intellisys Capital. The firm sells investment portfolios in blockchain companies. Charlie Shrem is good friends with fellow bitcoin innovator and investor Roger Ver.

3. Roger Ver – $52 Million (16Billion)

Many people love Bitcoin so much they can't help but spread the joy. Bitcoin millionaire Roger Ver has generously shared his wealth to spread the phrase of Bitcoin. For his outspoken advocacy and generosity, Roger Ver was handed the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus". Roger Ver's desire for Bitcoin stems from his desire for this to rival fiat currencies. His first investment was in his friend Charlie Shrem's company BitInstant.

Roger Ver is the initial Bitcoin startup investor. Although Ver had been a fruitful entrepreneur before stepping into Bitcoin, doing this greatly multiplied his riches. He has additionally donated millions to charity.

2. Ross Ulbricht / The FBI – $100 million (31Billion)

Bitcoin has undeniable potential to completely change the world. However, Bitcoin also features a sinister side. Its anonymous nature makes transactions almost impossible to track. Numerous parallel markets have appeared on the deep web selling drugs (as they usually claim), contraband, and illegal services. The first of those markets was the Silk Road, produced by Dread Pirate Roberts. Even before bitcoin was worth $1000, Dread Pirate Roberts was a Bitcoin millionaire several time.

In September 2013, the FBI tracked Dread Pirate Roberts down. Their investigation resulted in American Ross Ulbricht, who was simply sentenced to life in prison for the money laundering, hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. The FBI power down The Silk Road, and seized over 144,000 Bitcoins then being held as escrow. Consequently, the greatest Bitcoin wallet on earth now is one of the FBI.

1.Craig Steven Wright- $1.5 Billion

Craig Steven Wright once claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto he owns roughly 1,000,000 bitcoins That's $1.5 billion.  Craig Steven Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman. He claims to be the true person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto—the creator of bitcoin—a state that's disputed within the bitcoin world.

There there are many more Chinese mining pool operators... Worth mentioning in my next post.

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