Sunday, 15 October 2017

Julian Assange Thanks US Government, Senators, For Forcing WikiLeaks to invest in Bitcoin.

Sometimes you've a comeback so good you've to attend before the perfect time for you to use it. Apparently, for Julian Assange, that point was when Bitcoin hit 2.068 Mln ($5,746.51). The Wikileaks founder posted his point of view on Twitter, after a wonderful week of price boom in the cryptocurrency's value.  The tweet was with a chart of the worthiness of Bitcoin.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Bitcoin Success Threatens Bankstars, Jamie Dimon Calls Bitcoin Investors Stupid

Jamie Dimon is finding it difficult to ignore Bitcoin. A day after stating that he would not talk about Bitcoin, he breaks his silence to emphasize that stupid bitcoin investors will pay the price.

The Greater Fool Theory

The central theme of Jamie Dimon’s renewed attack on Bitcoin is that it is a bubble, where the underlying asset has no value. So although certain people will profit because they manage to sell their Bitcoin to late investors (the 'greater' fools), the end result will definitely be a crash. The oft-repeated comparison with the Tulip Mania was made to support his point.

Friday, 13 October 2017

₦2.2 Mln ($6000) Bitcoin Price Almost set as Forks Flounder, Investors Hold

 Bitcoin has posted further all-time highs of almost ₦2.1 Mln ($5800) after climbing ₦360K ($1000) in 24 hours.  Beginning Thursday, an amount surge gained momentum to take the Bitcoin BTC chain over ₦1.8Mln ($5000) for the 2nd amount of time in history.

When resistance came at 1.87 Mln ($5200), prices remained above the significant boundary before continuing to new heights never seen before . BTC posted a new a high of ₦2.09 Mln ($5798) in early hours of Friday.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Russian Authorities Block Access to Cryptocurrency Exchanges as pyramid (scheme) grows

Russia's central bank is leading efforts to shut Access to the internet to cryptocurrency exchange websites.
As local news outlet RBC reports Tuesday, Bank of Russia is dealing with the country's general prosecutor to block all exchanges offering Russians the chance to purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Google Allows Phishing Sites to Steal Your Bitcoins Through Ads (Must See, Dont fall for this google ad scam)

Bitcoiners beware — Google is allowing malicious “phishing” sites to create ads that appear right there in your search results. If you’re a newcomer to Bitcoin, or don’t carefully check the URLs of every site you visit, you could lose your money.

This is How to Know If Your PC Being used to Mine Bitcoin without Your Knowledge

First it was The Pirate Bay, then Showtime was found privately applying site visitor's capacity to mine cryptocurrency as a questionnaire of substitute revenue. It's generated some indignation from people of such websites, in addition to fear and concern in regards to the susceptibility of people who're visiting websites and keeping to them for a lengthy time. But, there are always a several issues that can be carried out to guard yourself.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Check out How to Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria

Many people are interested in what bitcoin is and how one can get it and invest it. Bitcoin is the most popular and greatest electronic currency on earth regarding market capitalization and the marketplace reveals wherever you can find number intermediaries to take care of the transactions.