Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bitcoin outshines traditional Banking, hits ₦3,640,000 ($10,000)

Bitcoin has finally surmounted the maximum psychological barrier of, passing  ₦3,640,000  ($10,000) and showing no signs of stopping. Carrying out a week of consolidating at all-time high levels around 2,912,000 ($8,000), Bitcoin found the strength to go up powerfully during the weekend.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Bitcoin Forked Again Giving Birth to another Alt Coin known as Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Launches With 4.2 Bln Coins

A fresh new Bitcoin fork successfully debuted Friday, but its 4.2 bln coins are already raising questions.
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), which launched at block 495866, aims to switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake after mining is completed - after just 10,000 blocks.
A curiously complex introduction on Bitcointalk Nov. 22 paved the way for Bitcoin’s latest doppelganger, which unlike previous incarnations Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has hardly anything in common with Bitcoin (BTC) at all.

Russian Billionaires Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Russian billionaires Roman Abramovich, Aleksandr Frolov and Aleksandr Abramov are reportedly investing large amount of money into digital currencies like Bitcoin through the European fund called Blackmoon Crypto.  The fund, which is a subsidiary of Blackmoon Financial, is meant to establish and maintain the most effective framework for tokenized funds round the world.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

When you dont understand why BTC is growing, just call it Bubble - Another Analyst is at it again !

For the first time ever, bitcoin, a popular globally recognized form of cryptocurrency, shot past the $8,000 value mark and has shaken financial experts to their core. Some experts have even speculated bitcoin may soon be trading at the hefty price of $10,000 per bitcoin before 2018 arrives.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bitcoin hits ₦2.91M ($8,000) Following Massive BCH Surge

Bitcoin just surmounted the ₦2.91M ($8,000) level, topping out at ₦2.919 ($8,020)on Bitfinex before retreating to ₦2.876 ($7,900) at press time. Right now, reading about Bitcoin's breach of its previous high may be getting repetitious, so strong gets the currency's bull run been. This time around can be an exception, though, because Bitcoin just pulled the mother of head fakes.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

A real Coordinated attack on Bitcoin ? Could this be from CME.. Spammers ?? (You be the judge)

According to a BTC user on bitcointalk who is forced to comment on the current state of BTC network. The user wrote, "This is a real coordinated attack. Roger Vermin moved 25k BTC to Bitfinex to put on a public show.

Some mining pools have ceased mining BTC and there's services asking for Bitcoin cash to confirm Bitcoin transactions in the case of https://pushtx.btc.com/ (try it for yourself).

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Saudi Arabia’s Bin Talal is Bitcoin ‘Poster Boy’ - Max Keiser

Max Keiser has publicly called arrested Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a “poster boy for why you should obtain Bitcoin.”
In a bout of the Keiser Report on Russia Today, the outspoken Keiser said the world's richest Arab “wouldn't have the problems” he's currently facing had he bought Bitcoin.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

SegWit2x passes on! Bitcoin lives on as Hard Fork Canceled

Bitcoin has reached a fresh all-time a high of $7,888 as participants of the SegWit2x hard fork announce they've “suspended” it.
A circular delivered to the mailing list by major proponent Mike Belshe says so it was “clear” the project “hadn't built sufficient consensus for a clear blocksize upgrade at that time.”
SegWit2x will therefore not activate Nov. 16 as planned, Belshe not naming a possible future date.
The message reads:

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Saudi Arabia Nabs Billionaire Prince - Could Uncertainty Boost Bitcoin?

Political uncertainty in the Middle East has increased to an all-time high, with Saudi Arabia arresting the richest Arab on earth, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Could this create a shift to Bitcoin, the digital safe haven, in the Middle East?

Saudi Arabia's crackdown

Saudi Arabia has initiated a sweeping crackdown, ostensibly against corruption, today. King Salman has ordered the arrest of senior princes and ousted many senior officials from ministerial roles. The list of men and women arrested includes Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the richest Arab in the world.
Prince Alwaleed was in the headlines recently for his negative views on Bitcoin, saying that Bitcoin would face an Enron-like collapse. While the general public reason written by King Salman for the arrests is his drive against corruption, many commentators think that the King might be clearing the route for his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to take control whilst the King.

Monday, 6 November 2017

See Why Bitcoin Price Reached ₦2.56Mln ($7,000)

This week, Bitcoin price, on its usual upward trajectory, barely blinked since it smashed through the ₦2.56Mln  ($7,000) mark. The Bitcoin community obviously celebrated since the king of digital currencies shows no sign of slowing, but what exactly is behind this latest rally?
The largest factor behind the rally was the announcement of Chicago Mercantile Exchange's decision to provide Bitcoin futures.
Firstly, what's a Bitcoin future and exactly why is it causing this kind of buzz on main street, Wall Street, along with on the Bitcoin price.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to Defend Yourself from Scam ICOs: a Personal Story

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are very popular right now. This kind of Ethereum-based crowdfunding has a principal role in funding crypto-related startup. We can say that they are Ethereum-based because most often, ICOs are based on Buterin’s Blockchain, as it can be used to develop smart contracts that regulate the funds raised.

For example, a smart contract can define goals and funding rules so the money raised during the ICO could be spent only for the objective previously decided.