Thursday, 23 January 2020

Localbitcoins (LBC) suspends thousand accounts of 'perceived 3rd world countries' at the heist of '1st world'

BBNB recently shared the news about Localbitcoins mass NG Traders account block.
it turns out other 20 country wallets were also disabled.  Localbitcoins has been many people go to place to sell and buy cryptocurrency for a very long time.  But this article brings a bad news for thousands of users, although its not another Localbitcoins scam this time its a change in policy and it will be explained bellow.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020 mass NG Traders account block

Reports reaching BBNB (Buybitcoins In Nigeria  Blog) confirmed that website has blocked almost all traders in Nigeria. The site has had long history of blocking accounts without no major reason but this mass block of accounts in Nigeria came as a surprise to many people who depend heavily on the website for daily earnings.

We visited the site again to check the number of traders left from a country of over 200,000 million people.