Monday, 18 November 2019

Must read: Check out Top 5 Tips for New Bitcoin Investors

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) could be very intimidating if you're only researching its existence now. In reality, taking the plunge and entering the cryptocurrency sphere is really a risk for anybody, with or without investment experience. The reason being the crypto space does not have any centralized authority to steer investors. Rumors, hype and horror stories dominate the net, and separating fact from hearsay could be difficult at times.

Like any business venture, you need to never get the feet wet and soon you have all the important points straight. Many Bitcoin investors who took losses will agree that they did not do their research. Riding on rumors and hearsay is setting yourself up for failure.

However, the cryptocurrency community can be found in handy for inquiries. You're better off conversing with individuals who are already in the crypto space. As a student, you have got resources to discover all there's to understand about Buying Bitcoins in Nigeria or elsewhere. As you discover approaches to invest, don't forget to watch in your academic performance, but when it will start to suffer, online writing services help ensure you maintain above-average performance.

Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria Blog (BBNB) brings you Top 5 Tips for New Bitcoin Investors to looking into before taking the dive.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Jack Dorsey eyes Nigeria’s Bitcoin market

The Twitter CEO’s tweets have set the crypto community ablaze with speculation about his intentions.

Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin fanboy and Twitter/Square CEO, is on a modern day mission to Africa.

Dorsey alighted in Nigeria last week. While coy about the exact purpose of his month-long tour, which also takes him to Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa, he’s been pictured, on Twitter, with local Bitcoin entrepreneurs, and at a couple of low key Bitcoin meetups.

Amazon of China goes big on Bitcoin

One of the world's most successful retailers, Alibaba, has unexpectedly entered the world of crypto
, partnering with bitcoin rewards app Lolli.

Alibaba—a China-based retailer who counts multinational behemoth Amazon among its closest rivals—has entered into a partnership allowing customers to earn 5 percent in bitcoin for every purchase.