Monday, 28 January 2019

Price of BTC drop and forcast !

*What really influenced the drop in the price of Bitcoin from its all-time high to where it is at now, and do you think it will get back to $20,000 or even higher?*

The drop in Bitcoin was due to those 4 reason:

    A 20x bull run is historically always followed by a -85% correction.
    A 20x bull run historically only takes 1 year after the halvening, after that it falls down.
    ICOs cashed out $12B of the $16B that flowed into crypto until 2017. You cannot sustain your price if the entire market is cashed out by ICOs.
    There was zero adoption and no blockchain with enough scalability to achieve global adoption.

Now, for the next bull run we have those 4

    The -85% correction has been completed
    The next halvening is in May 2020 and before any halvening there has always been a 300% pump the year prior
    There are almost no ICOs going in right now and they’ve already cashed out all their money
    We now have tokens with massive adoption (Bat, DENT) and 3 blockchains with a million TPS while maintaining excellent decentralization that already exist or will go live within a month from now (ZIL, QKC, ELA) and 2 more that will be able to do that soon as well (Holo, IOTA

So, all of the reasons for this bear market have been reversed now.

In addition, we have insitutional money coming in.

My prediction is that the new bull market will start in April 2019, which is when BAKKT most likely launches and 1 month before the year before the halvening starts.

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