Wednesday, 30 January 2019


1) Buyer of BTC Pays first and seller confirms money before sending BTC to Buyer.
2) The moment Buyer or seller says Price and amount of BTC is *LOCKED* and bank account is dropped, either parties cannot cancel the smart contract
3) No looking down on any seller or buyer, BTC is BTC, Buyer can buy any amount of BTC as long as seller is willing to sell and vice versa.
4) There should be mutual agreement between Buyer and seller and well stated before price is locked, once price is locked, any party that cancels the deal will have to pay (2-10% In debate mode), to the other party that did not breach the contract.
5) Third party payment is not allowed but if otherwise, it should be clearly stated between Buyer and seller if they accept or not before the Smart Contract is *LOCKED*. (3rd party payment can come from a Naira swap between a Trusted 3rd party to avoid bank delays)

6) Any 3rd party breach of contract or force majeure should be reported to any of the admins for further investigation and final judgment shall be given based on proof provided by the party affected and the other party involved. *(BANKS are also 3rd party)*
7) Buyer should ask the house to vouch for a seller before going into a smart contract with the seller.
8) By remaining in this group, you have accepted the above rules and *REGULATIONS GUIDING BUYING AND SELLING OF BTC*
9) Be Civil

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