Thursday, 14 January 2021

Flash coin BTC Scammers, Don't let this happen to you.


Guys, be careful this 2021 and wait for at least one confirmation before you pay. If the seller is sending from an external wallet. Flash coin sellers are cashing out. They just scammed a  guy N4,000,000. The funniest part is this, he has gone to the Police station trying to block and so on. Police said he should come back on Monday and also later asked him to pay some amount of money in other to help him track down the scammer. 

One can bet the flash coin seller already cleaned that money via a 3rd party and now leaving both sellers and buyers as victims.

Always do any kind of KYC(Know your customer) before you sell BTC or buy from sellers.

Also, change your Wallet address each time you receive BTC with it. Some Thieves watch your wallet incoming BTC on Blockchain explorer and send a screenshot of fake payment, imitating a real sender.

Always generate a new wallet address each time.

What is Flash Coin and how is the scam done by scammer.

The scammer uses a kind of old software that imitates BTC(Probably one of the old coins that halved but could not continue mining BTC) to send out fake BTC that will never get confirmed on the BTC network.

The picture above is a sample of one of the app or software being used by the scammer to con unsuspected buyers. Once the buyer pays without waiting for confirmation, it means the buyer has lost.

A buyer must wait for at least one confirmation before making payment to the seller's account in other not to fall for these flash coin sellers.

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