Sunday, 3 December 2017

BTC/Cryptocurrency Scam Alert: Beware of these People scamming Bitcoin users!!!

Everyone is talking about Bitcoins since price skyrocketed to a new level this year, increasing by over 900%. Many have made a great deal out of it while some choose to take advantage of the new users of cryptocurrency.

See the list of those scamming people bellow.

1) Alleged Scammer details:
Bank name: Micheal Oluwaye, account no:#
0266222170,bank:Guarantee Trust Bank(gtb)
Whatsapp no: +234 906 330 1066
Comment: Victim paid, the scammer, blocked victim on WhatsApp, barred buyer's call after cash deposit was made by the victim to the account details of the scammer above.

Please take note that this list will be updated any time there is new info about Cryptocurrency scammers.
To report a scammer, kindly send a message to this WhatsApp number +48796457594 stating the detail transaction, phone number or how to reach the alleged scammer. Also, send a screenshot of payment slip or evidence of payment made. Take note that this is just to prevent these scammers from coning more people

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